We here at Tegu Terra are pleased to announce a new Tegu morph,  the Majestic Argentine Tegu!! It was featured on page 44 of the April 2010 issue of Reptiles Magazine, under the Breeder’s Choice section, and also in the 2014 Annual issue of Reptile Magazine! We have always striven to produce, through meticulous selective breeding, the best Tegus available on the market, with careful attention given to every aspect of these incredible animals, from their health and physical vitality to the vibrancy of their coloration- and it is our efforts in this last instance which have brought the Argentine Majestic to the Tegu enthusiast community. Please visit our ‘Majestic Argentine Tegus’ page and see for yourself the beauty and majesty for which this Tegu is so aptly named. Check back soon; we will update our photos as these lovely creatures continue to grow and develop into their full maturity. <





My fascination with reptiles began over 35 years ago. Of all the reptiles I had owned, none were like the first Argentine Tegu I purchased! The intelligence and companionship this animal displayed was absolutely amazing! My continued quest for more knowledge of these animals led me to the fortunate meeting with  Bert Langerwerf in 2006. I spent time with Bert at his Alabama farm and  his expertise taught me everything there was to know about Tegus. He was the largest breeder of Argentine Tegus in the world! I now raise these  animals myself and have over two hundred of these fascinating creatures! Tegus you purchase for adoption from Tegu Terra are born and raised here at our facility.

So, it is in closing,  I  want to say thank you to my friend, Bert Langerwerf, who passed away in 2008 . I am sure that Bert would be proud that Tegu Terra is continuing to raise his stock, rehome, and produce the best quality tegus found anywhere!

                     Our Mission Statement

At Tegu Terra, our goal is to strive for unequivocal excellence in all aspects of rehoming quality animals. We will provide information in order to help reptile enthusiasts make informed choices when obtaining and caring for their reptile pets.

Remember, we are quality-driven and our core values will always include the following:

«  Honest, ethical conduct

«  Utmost care of our animals, facilities, and housing

«  Quality care of our animals

«  Excellent, high level  service dedicated to building strong customer relationships

«  Sharing as much information as possible, not only to Tegu Terra customers, but to reptile enthusiasts worldwide

«  Constant research resulting in better care

«  Finally, to provide continued, long-term support

We would like to make the adoption experience informative, easy, and enjoyable. This is accomplished by Tegu Terra's dedication to a high quality of customer service, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and spirit. We strive to exceed customer expectations!

Also included, a written and signed guarantee, authenticating the origin of each animal, will be provided at point of adoption.

                Bred in the USA!


             AWESOME REPTILES !!!!

                TEGU TERRA!




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